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Genius Resource offers the following services to clients:

Functionality Testing:
Functionality testing is validating that an application conforms to its specifications and correctly performs all its required functions. During functionality testing, a range of inputs as test data is created and tests are performed to validate whether each feature conforms to the requirements provided by the customers or as per blue print.

Automated Testing:
automated testing is the re-execution of a set of tests that have already been conducted to ensure that changes have not propagated unintended side effects. Automation is often used to reduce the time and resources to perform this type of testing. Genius Resource uses state-of-the -art tools to perform automated testing.

Performance Testing:
Performance testing evaluates the system's ability to meet the required performance levels in production environment. Scalability of the application is evaluated in addition to investigating how does the performance of the application vary by load and usage. The limits of net-centric applications are tested in Stress Testing.

User Acceptance Testing:
It is about determining whether the software is satisfactory to an end-user or client by testing the system against the requirements and validating that the system has delivered what was initially requested.

Product Qualification Testing:
Product qualification testing validates whether the application looks and functions the same across all platforms, browsers, processors and configurations. We also test whether installation of the products is properly done or not.

Localization/ Globalization Testing:
In this type of testing, software is tested for different locale and international settings so that the application/product functions in a consistent way in different geographical locations.

Usability Testing:
Usability testing evaluates the application on user friendliness. In addition, we also test whether all the links in the applications are functioning; whether the response times adhere to specifications and how well the information is organized in the user interface.